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Corporate presentations

The provision of comprehensive information about the company and its products or services represents a basic form of presentation today, and the Internet is frequently the first contact point for your clients. This fact assumes an effort to produce a better website in order to present the company in the best way possible not only in terms of the website content, but also its visual aspects.

Our solutions provide the client with fast and simple website content management and create the conditions for reliable and independent website fill up in accordance with clients´ requirements and needs.

The solutions provided by our company in the field of content management systems allow simple insertion and modification of information on the client’s website similar to the work with MS WORD programme. CMS (Content Management System) provides two basic modules: a publication module, and an administration module. The modules are adapted to clients’ requirements.

List of some CMS system features:

  • updates via web browser with the possibility of visual HTML formatting;
  • unlimited language versions;
  • automatic news system;
  • full-text search in articles.

Content creation:

  • decentralised content management (editors);
  • efficient publishing without the need to handle HTML skills;
  • users and authentication;
  • access through the Internet browser (updates without the need to install a special application);
  • single design and separation of the content and graphic design;
  • possibility to view the document layout (WYSIWYG);
  • localisation support (possibility of several language versions);
  • documents and pictures library;
  • setting the date of publishing and expiry.

Technology and tools:

  • Typo3 CMS Framework;
  • PHP;
  • MySQL, Postgres;
  • XHTML 1.0

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