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Big fut at the Pohoda festival 2012


Big fut was at ease :)

The fourth of the Big fut discussions took place at a somewhat untraditional location; directly at one of the most popular festivals Bažant Pohoda v Trenčíne.

When will there only be electric cars on the streets?
was a topic Martin Mojžiš discussed with Peter Ševce of E.ON Slovakia who is one of the first electric car owners in Slovakia and Tomáš Kráľ of Siemens. Together with festival-goers they tried to answer the following questions:

  • In the future, will electric cars be the crucial piece of the puzzle that will ensure the stability of the grid?
  • How will we recharge millions of cars each day? Will we sell the energy stored in the vehicles back to the grid?
  • When will we all be driving electric cars?

If you would like to learn more about this innovative topic, be sure to watch the recording of the discussion which we bring to you as one of the main organizers. The live broadcast as well as the recording of the discussion was done using our product - a compact, portable and fully equipped device for SD, HD and 3DHD television production and online broadcasting –  the BCC Bradcast case.




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