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Startup Awards... Silicon Valley is waiting for us!!

MONOGRAM was granted a 3-month stay in technological incubator Plug and Play in Silicon Valley

Yesterday, dated 17 November 2011, the best and most innovative ideas in Slovakia were presented by various companies in a show. MONOGRAM with its project CoverPage – a tool for creation of digital content for tablets - ranked among the winners of the prestigious Startup Award Slovakia, which linked partners like Dell, Sario, Neulogy and KPMG together. We have thus been granted a unique 3-month stay in the technological incubator Plug and Play at the centre of the most dynamic innovative intersection – the Silicon Valley. We are about to meet developers, investors, mentors and young start-uppers from all over the world.
 „For us, it is a great success and honor that we have been credited the title of the most innovative company in Slovakia. All the hours and hours of work seem to have mirrored at an instant. However, this victory is just an affirmation that we are heading the right way long. This way might be long and crooked but anyhow, it leads through Silicon Valley! That is exactly the chance for us that shall not be missed out on and we have to take a good hold of it,“ says Robert Mindžák, the Creative Executive Director MONOGRAM Interactive.

CoverPage™ surely is a great idea

The following stated Jupe Tan, the Vice-President of International Relations at Plug and Play to MONOGRAM on CoverPage: “CoverPage unambiguously is a great idea, really interesting. Your presentation was splendid. There are competitors all around, therefore, please, be ready when you get to Silicon Valley. You did a flawless work today. I consider that the user interface CoverPage really is well arranged, looks great and I believe that it is quite easy to work with. If I was to publish for tablets, I surely would try CoverPage out “.


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