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ColosseoEAS CMS




MONOGRAM as the Technological Partner of the Installation in Belgium

HTV LedOur company provided a technological solution for the central management and content distribution to the screen for HTV Led. The company installed the system as well as hardware components which will operate several dozens of centrally managed screens at the South Charleroi Airport.

Properties of the Provided Colosseo CMS System

Our ColosseoEAS CMS allows remote monitoring and management of all the screens, playlist creation, and fully supports Full HD video. Among the interesting qualities are timing which is supported by the calendar, or zoning (auto-play of the same content according to the defined zones which can include several devices). The entire system is managed by a web interface which can, according to assigned messages, operate the whole system or its selected parts. Thanks to this system, it is possible to effectively manage both the distribution of advertisements as well as useful information and notifications for the passengers in individual areas of the airport.

Place of the Installation

The system has been installed in various places including the arrival and departure halls, check-in, corridors and other areas directly at the Charleroi Airport. Widescreen monitors, control units, a control application including configuration and templates, server hardware and infrastructure are also part of the delivery.


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