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Another Year of MobileRulezz Is Around the Corner

The field of mobile marketing is expanding each day. Thanks to the rapid development of cell phones, smartphones, and tablets, companies have the opportunity to innovatively present themselves and their products. Thus, today’s mobile marketing is no longer limited to ads and competitions distributed via SMS. Today, modern mobile marketing offers almost unlimited possibilities to reach a customer. Among the most commonly used mobile marketing tools are interactive applications, games, various tasks, 3D elements, and sound effects, the link between printed documents and mobile applications or connecting mobile applications to social networks. Trends of the past year also include micromapping which navigates customers directly to the product, mobile couponing which allows for distribution of discount coupons straight to your cell phone and augmented reality which depicts objects that aren’t really in front of you.

These and many more possibilities of mobile marketing will be presented at the 3rd annual Slovak conference focusing on mobile marketing, MobileRulezz. This year, the name of the conference is “Lucky 2013 for Mobile Marketing”.

Topics include innovations in mobile marketing, new mobile devices as well as mobile applications and marketing trends. Visitors can also look forward to various case studies from Slovakia and the world.

The national competition of mobile applications, AppsRulezz 2013, will also be part of the conference. After the winners are announced, a networking after-party for mobile marketers and developers will take place. The CoverPage package with full service from MONOGRAM Technologies, spol. s r.o., a proud partner of the conference, will also be among the prizes to be won. CoverPage is an application that allows you to create an interactive mobile or tablet application from a static PDF file. With it, you can easily create an interactive picture gallery, add a video, a game, or various animations, create 3D objects that allow the customer to rotate the product and thus look at it from different angles, and change the colour of the individual structures using just your fingers.

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