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European Researchers Night 2015

Already the 9th year Slovak Organization for Research and Development Activities supported by Slovak Academy of Sciences, the portal and Centre of Scientific and Technical Information is about to open the biggest local festival of science - European Researchers' Night 2015 to be held from 09:00 to 24:00 h on Friday September 25, 2015 in Bratislava at Stara trznica on Namestie SNP, as well as in other Slovak cities. Come along to deep dive into the world of discovery and exploration of the unknown. For a moment, one can become an inventor or scientist. Exhibitors include universities, secondary schools and established organizations from the private sector. Once again MONOGRAM Technologies team presents its scientific stalls - as the Main Partner of the venue. There will be the opportunity to meet celebrities from social and academic life. Visitors will get to know the priorities of the current R&D. For these purposes, the interactive program is waiting for them in the form of experiments of different themes, games, lectures, interviews with exhibitors, as well as presenting the latest scientists‘ inventions. Everyone discovers its own niche, as besides medical technologies, venue reveal the news from multiple technical and scientific fields. The key idea of event follows as "Science is the future of Slovakia."

Latest Inventions

MONOGRAM Technologies belongs to the Slovak elite in the customized development and implementations of software as well as hardware. This year attendees can create 3D model of the heart, brain, spine or oral cavity based on the actual images of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT) and from other source devices. Visitors examine the structure of human body parts not only from outside, but also the details of their internal parts. Everything happens on the computer screen. MedOffice Operation Assistant won the contest - Innovative Act of 2014 awarded by the prestigious prize at 3rd place in the category of Technological Innovation and Highly Innovative Ideas. Another novelty is the software app Intra Oral Protector Designer of HIBRAND Industries AG created in the collaboration with MONOGRAM Technologies. It creates 3D models of mouth protectors for medical irradiation procedures of tumors - primarily in the mouth and throat. The protector is in the next step processed at medical workplace by 3D printer. The protector helps maintain the soft tissues outside the beams path.

3D Modeling in Medicine

MedOffice Operation Assistant simplifies diagnosis, allows doctors to obtain additional information, better decision making, which can shorten the treatment and save lives. The technology integrates medical data and video signals of various devices. It contains the Patient Card as to enable physicians to easily access the data about health in 1 place. System is operated quickly and intuitively. System supports 3D models rotation, zoom in/out, cuts creation, filtering tissue of the same density, planning or simulating the surgery process. In medical practice are applied various modules. For example the Neuro one is designed for neurosurgery, and therefore work with brains in 3D. Spinal module is used to simulate the shape of the cervical spine and optimize the choice of intervertebral compensation. Important application also found in dentistry and orthopedics.

Friday 25th September Stara Trznica in Bratislava

The scientific research provides impulses to the economy. It guarantees to community the increased quality of life, sustainable growth and long-term prosperity. Thanks to MONOGRAM Technologies’ MedOffice Operation Assistant one will see live the 3D modeling of human body parts. The participants will walk away with extraordinary experience, increased knowledge, the inspiration for future and recognizing ordinary people with the extraordinary job – the Slovak scientists. Looking forward to your participation in European Researchers' Night 2015!


Termín podujatia: 25.9.2015
Miesto konania: Bratislava, Slovenská republika

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