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Biggest Scientific Event of Year

For the 9th time in a raw Slovakia celebrated the last September Friday with the biggest scientific venue for general public in 5 cities - European Researchers' Night 2015. It took place in other 279 cities across Europe and beyond. Its gates passed tens of thousands of visitors. The aim was to popularize natural sciences and technology, as well as to share the results of research and development. The program complemented teleconferences, open discussions and interactive experiments.

MONOGRAM Technologies - as one of the Main Partners of the R&D festival - presented in two out of the 70 exhibition stands in Bratislava the integrated software solution for creating and editing of 3D models of human body parts and for further work with these models. The intuitively used application MedOffice Operational Assistant, combines images into a single 3D model based on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT) snapshots. It enables to simulate virtual operations, the pre- and postsurgical analysis, to assign colors to tissues based on different densities, to rotate and zoom objects (e.g. areas of heart, brain, spine etc.) as well as cutting of models. The software additionally incorporates live streaming (inputs from microscopes, endoscopes, cameras, microphones and other medical devices) from operating room creating a bi-directional teleconference. MedOffice Operational Assistant, thanks to the integrated Electronic Patients Card tool, allows chronological storage of records of surgeries, analyses or examinations for every patient. One of the application’s benefits is its modularity. For example module SPINAL found its place in medical practice for the simulation of inserting intervertebral replacements into the cervical spine. Module NEURO is applied in neurosurgery for analytical work with brain tumors.

Next presented innovation was the software Intra Oral Protector Designer used for 3D modeling of protector against irradiation for oral cavity and cervical area tumors using teletherapy or brachytherapy. Protector helps to minimalize the negative side effects after soft tissue irradiation. Application provides option for export of the created model into STL format for 3D printers. MONOGRAM Technologies developed this application for HIBRAND Industries AG.

Thanks to the ideas and visionary fingers of our R&D team members we could present new innovative technologies. It is believed the venue organizers Slovak Organization for Research and Development Activities, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Centre of Scientific and Technical Information plus portal would prepare in the 10th year something similarly special and continue this acknowledged tradition of sharing the R&D progress. Feel free to contact us if you want to find out more about 3D modeling software, online live video streaming and web or mobile platform applications.

We captured few spectacular moments nearby MONOGRAM Technologies scientific stalls:

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