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Partners of MobileRulezz 2013 - the largest conference on mobile marketing in Slovakia

On Tuesday, 23 April 2013, the third annual largest conference on mobile marketing in Slovakia - MobileRulezz 2013 – will take place and MONOGRAM will be there as well. This year, the name of the conference is “Lucky 2013 for Mobile Marketing”. Topics include innovations in mobile marketing, new mobile devices, mobile device trends, mobile application and marketing trends, and many more. Come and find out why 2013 is the lucky year of mobile marketing.

The national competition of mobile applications, AppsRulezz 2013, where contestants can win attractive prizes will also be part of the conference. These also include 2 CoverPage packets from MONOGRAM Technologies, spol. s r.o.

What Is CoverPage?

CoverPage is a creative tool for digital publishing. It allows you to create presentations with interactive content for mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, and PC or a MAC desktop. Creating interactive content with CoverPage is very easy and intuitive and the results are striking. With just a few steps, you can create interactive content for mobile devices from a static PDF file, an image, INDD, etc.

CoverPage Possibilities

360° rotation of the product

Thanks to CoverPage by MONOGRAM Technologies, you can present products to your clients in a new way. The product is scanned from all angles and then processed by a CoverPage application which instantly creates a 3D image of the product which can be turned on the screen with just one touch.

Creating Sequences

You can create an illusion of the camera zooming in on the product from a series of captured images.

HTML 5 Animations

Add attractive animations to boost your presentation. Everyone will pay attention.

Scrolling, creating interactive galleries, embedding video and music files; all of this is possible with CoverPage. As a proud partner of MobileRulezz 2013, MONOGRAM Technologies, spol. s r.o. brings special prize packages for the participants. To learn more about these packages, please visit







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