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Online Newspapers Changed

In the 5th week of 2016, we deployed into a new dress the full version of e-journal at URL - the largest Slovak information portal on events in European Union.

Upgrade and Redesign Benefits

The aim of the website redesign was not only to update the front-end, but made it more interactive - appealing graphics, galleries, design, responsiveness and structured layout for the newsletter with space for partner logos and brand new treatment of RSS feeds – in cooperation Users will appreciate the accessible content for mobile phones and tablets, allowing for intuitive navigation through the sections for which they are interested. Pictograms indicating sections complemented article sections. The Internet portal is enriched by new features such as tagging popular content (tags articles, analysis, interviews), events’ calendar, boxes for most read articles in categories according to content type.

WordPress Solution

Behind the front-end curtain a back-end change was taken place – new WordPress Content Management System, which is a well-known open source platform. The existing WordPress theme accommodated to customer’s corporate identity as a template was used as a solution. Thanks to applying the theme client had immediately idea how portal would look like. It benefited also in the faster implementation as well as financial savings due to less graphics works and pre-built functionalities.

Data Migration and URL redirecting

During the switch between systems for web users were ensured the ongoing uninterrupted operations. The realized completed goals of the publisher were data migration to a reliable web hosting provider Websupport, on servers was established the permanent secure test environment, the search engines indexing the URL with continuity through links redirecting original URL to the new one was secured. The purpose of URL redirecting was to maintain continuity and guarantee users comfort as the smooth transition to the changed optimized structure happened - one of the key parameters for ranking in the search engines determining the final displaying position.

SEO & Web Marketing

Alt attribute of photos and images that are relevant to search engines - Google, Bing, Yahoo a  The original site search was replaced by faster customized Google Site Search - linked to statistical reports of Google Analytics along with tools to help heatmaps measure users’ activity, inspiring the future improvements of the site’s functional elements and opening doors for Usability studies. Google DoubleClick for Publishers solves the marketing and banner campaigns management. The count of querries to the database was optimized, change from MySQL to MariaDB was executed, and SEO plugins installed for new back-end. Thematic boxes for non-intrusive advertising were linked to a specific content for display campaigns. Icons for social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin were added and the various breadcrumbs were integrated.

MONOGRAM Technologies Maintenance Services Solutions

The used repertoire of functional improvements within the finished web project is a long-term value created for the customer. Portal can now hold up better in publishing competition and strengthen its position as a permanent source of information for readers in pursuit of what is happening in the European Union. Within the MONOGRAM Technologies Maintenance Services Solutions ® our developers will soon produce server plug-ins for video, sub-categorization filters for European funds and other web updates.


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