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Portal solutions

Do you wish to have a major portal with a large number of available articles and information? In case you choose to have a portal system, reliable management of all the portals and information is provided.

Portal solutions are demanding and dynamic solutions for the administration of thousands of articles. The articles and other formats are inter-related, and our solutions allow searching them in a comprehensive way. The creation of portal solutions stands on stable technology pillars ensuring a correct portal operation.

The reliability and stability of the systems is ensured by implementing such technologies and tools which represent an ideal system for the management of a larger number of articles and information.

These technologies include the CMS content management system, which provides for a simple use of tools and modules for website editing and other modifications that the client may wish to perform. This system is primarily designed for administration by the client. In this regard, the TYPO3 system has been created to provide an environment for simple management and orientation, and is programmed separately for each project according to the modules required for its administration and content.

Technology and tools:

  • Typo3 CMS Framework;
  • PHP;
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL;
  • XHTML 1.0

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